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2011.12.19 (Review of 2008.09.19 edition)

Today's Lesson
AUTHORIZE   許可を与える、許可する


  • To authorize someone to do something is to give them official permission to do it.

    To authorize an action is to give official permission for it to occur.

    The noun form is authorization.
  • 人に対して authorize を使う場合、ある行為をする公的な許可をその人に与える、ということです。

    行為に対して authorize を使う場合、その行為を行う公的な許可を与える、ということです。

    名詞形は authorization で、許可、という意味です。



  1. The Board has authorized the president to purchase 500 acres in the Kinki region for the new research facility.
  2. I'm sorry, but I'm not authorized to speak to journalists about this matter. You'll have to contact our public relations department.
  3. Only authorized personnel can enter this room. It's off-limits to everyone else.
  4. The agency decided not to authorize the merger, stating that it would result in a near monopoly in the bamboo flooring market.
  5. (to an employee in Payroll)
    We cannot increase an employee's withholding tax without his or her written authorization.

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