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2010.08.30 (Review of 2006.05.16 edition)

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From R&D to the assembly line. This is the heroic path that's brought us DVDs and cell phones, non-stick cookware, the electric fan (a real lifesaver this past summer!), the bicycle derailleur, ergonomic chairs, and the water bed. Are you ready to venture forth with us this week upon this legendary route to fame and fortune? Sure you are, because with the WordMaster leading the way, it's sure to be a thrilling journey!

Today's Lesson
(DO) RESEARCH / DEVELOP   研究する/開発する


  • Research (noun) is a careful study of a subject in order to discover new information.

    To research (verb) a subject or to do research ON a subject, is to do a study of this kind.

    To develop a new product, a new process, etc., is to invent or produce it.

    Development is the act of developing something new.
  • 名詞の research とは、新しい情報を発見するために、ある対象について行う入念な研究のことです。

    動詞の research または do research ON という表現は、そのような研究をする、という意味です。

    develop は、新しい製品や製法などを考案したり、製造すること、つまり、開発する、という意味です。

    development とは、何か新しいものを開発することをさします。



  1. Their organization is building what will become one of the finest research laboratories in the country.
  2. They've budgeted $2 million to fund medical research on stem cells.
  3. I'm being sent to Eastern Europe to research trade policies there.
  4. She's doing research on consumer behavior among college students. If you're interested, she'll be presenting the results of her research at the conference next month.
  5. We're spending heavily on R&D to develop more effective software for our business customers.
  6. The plans for developing a high-speed rail system in North America look very exciting.
  7. New product development takes time and money, but just one successful product can earn a company hundreds of millions of dollars.

英会話レッスンThat was an interesting bit of research, wasn't it?