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2008.05.21(Review of 2006.03.08 edition)

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Today's Lesson


  • If someone gives you permission, they agree to let you do something.
  • permission とは、あなたに何かをさせることに、誰かが賛成すること、つまり、許可のことです。



  1. a: Do you have permission to use that equipment?
    b: Yes, my supervisor said it was all right.
  2. Good news! The boss gave me permission to take two weeks off in July!
  3. I think we'll need permission from the Planning Commission before we can do such extensive renovation of the shop.
  4. Contact Henry and ask permission to attend Friday's meeting. I'd like you there if he'll allow it.
  5. We can't mention a client's name in our marketing literature without their permission.