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2006.04.18(Review of 2004.04.28 edition)

In many larger companies, making sure that all employees get the money they've earned can be a big job. In fact, sometimes it's enough work to keep an entire department busy!

Today's Lesson
PAYROLL   給与支払い簿、給与総額、給与課


  • A payroll is a list of an organization's employees and the amount of money each employee earns.

    A payroll is also the total amount of money paid to an organization's employees during a certain period of time.

    The payroll department is the part of an organization that determines how much money is to be paid to each employee.
  • payroll とは、企業の従業員および、個々の従業員がどれだけの給与を受け取っているかの一覧、つまり、給与支払い簿のことです。

    payroll には、一定の期間内に、企業の従業員に支払われた給与の総額、という意味もあります。

    payroll department とは、個々の従業員に給与をいくら支払うかを決定する企業内の部署、つまり、給与課のことです。


  1. a: How's business?
    b: It's booming! I've had to add five employees to the payroll this year just so we can keep up with new orders.
  2. The company had to let 5000 workers go, but agreed to keep them on the payroll for 6 months while they looked for other employment.
  3. With a 10-million-dollar payroll, the company is the largest employer in the area.
  4. EMPLOYEE: I think a mistake was made on my paycheck this month.
    SUPERVISOR: You'll need to talk to the payroll department about that.

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