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2006.04.26(Review of 2003.12.03 edition)


Like any important relationship, that between a company and the general public takes a lot of work to maintain. Here's the department that works to keep this relationship strong and healthy!

Today's Lesson


  • Public relations or PR is the business of trying to make a person or organization more popular by giving people positive information about the person or organization, holding special events, etc.
  • public relations または PR とは、個人や企業の評判を高めるために、その人や企業に関するポジティブな情報を一般に知らせたり、特別な催しを行ったりする仕事のことです。


  1. Public relations was so important to the fast-growing IT company that they decided to give weekly press conferences about new developments.
  2. Because the public relations department was unable to deal adequately with the scandal, it quickly became a public relations disaster, causing a sharp drop in stock prices.
  3. The company's PR department is going to donate 50 new computers to a needy elementary school at a large press event.

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