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2009.08.31(Review of 2007.06.25 edition)

Welcome back!

Nothing gives a company a sense of having arrived quite like the groundbreaking of its first office building, retail outlet, or factory. It's something you can see, touch, and work in - proof to all who pass by that “We're here!”

Well, you're here too, and to celebrate that fact we're pleased to present you with five groundbreaking editions of WordMaster@Work!

Today's Lesson


  • A facility is a place, especially one that includes buildings, that is created for a particular purpose. For example, a building where research is done is a “research facility.”
  • facility とは、特定の目的のためにつくられた建物を含む場所のこと、つまり、施設のことです。例えば、研究をする建物のことは、 research facility (研究施設)と言います。



  1. a: What's that red “X” on the map for?
    b: That's the site of the new manufacturing facility.
  2. The industrial park has its own medical facility, staffed by two full-time registered nurses.
  3. Here's a brochure describing the hotel's conference facilities.
  4. The facilities at the university are amazing! They have the largest library in the Ivy League, the best laboratories, great cafeterias, two Olympic-size swimming pools, their own golf course - everything!

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