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2007.01.15(Review of 2003.10.07 edition)


This week we look at the BIG picture with a handful of terms used to talk about the overall economy. It's an introduction to Macroeconomics at WordMaster@Work. Enjoy!

Today's Lesson
MARKET (n.)   需要、購買者、市場


  • As a noun, the word market has several important meanings, including:

    - demand for a product or service
    - a part of the world or a group of people to which products can be sold
    - trade (= buying and selling) in a particular product or in securities and commodities in general
  • 名詞の market には、次のようにいくつか重要な意味があります。

    - 商品やサービスに対する需要
    - 商品の販売対象として想定される国、もしくは人々、つまり購買者層
    - 特定の製品や、株式、商品全般の(売買)取引


  1. There's often a big market for small cars in crowded cities.
  2. Retired people represent a large market for travel package tours.
  3. We think the potential market for our service is quite large - perhaps 10 million customers worldwide.
  4. The domestic market for our product is dominated by the big three suppliers, so we're focusing on trying to enter foreign markets.
  5. a: Have you had any luck selling your condominium?
    b: Unfortunately, no. The housing market is pretty slow right now.
  6. (a securities analyst)
    I believe the market may fall slightly early in the year, but then will rise to record levels by late summer.*
    * When the type of market is not specified, “the market” usually refers to trade in securities and commodities in general.

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