Hello! It's always a pleasure to see you, but it's especially so after such a long absence!

This week's theme is “Taxes”, which may seem like a harsh return to reality after the luxury of a long holiday. But don't worry, we'll do our best to keep the tax “burden” low and the interest level high!

Today's Lesson


  • Tax is money from citizens that is used to run the government.

    Income tax is a tax based on the amount of money a person earns.

    Consumption tax (in Japan) or sales tax (in the United States) is a tax that you pay when buying goods or services.
  • tax とは、国民が納めるお金で、政府を運営するために使われるもの、つまり、税金のことです。

    income tax は、ある人が稼いだ金額に応じて支払う税金、つまり、所得税のことです。

    商品やサービスを購入した際に支払う税金、つまり、消費税のことを、consumption tax (日本)、sales tax (アメリカ)と言います。



  1. POLITICIAN: If elected, I intend to cut taxes for the middle class.
    REPORTER: But many in your party believe that a tax increase is necessary if the Social Security system is to be saved.
  2. (phone operator taking an order from a customer)
    Your order comes to $74.50 plus tax and shipping.
  3. Yes, tax accountants can be expensive, but a good one may be able to save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in taxes per year.
  4. (owner of a large chain of liquor stores)
    Even if the federal tax on alcohol is raised by an additional 5%, I don't foresee a significant impact on sales.
  5. (clerk in Payroll to new employee)
    Do you want us to withhold income tax from your paycheck each month?
  6. The consumption tax in Japan is currently 5%.
  7. (local resident)
    The 8% sales tax in this state is one of the highest in the country, but fortunately we don't have to pay sales tax for supermarket food items.

英会話レッスンMuch success to you this week and always!