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2011.09.02  (Review of 2008.08.01 edition)

The moment has come! The Great Job is in your sights and making a charge. This is the encounter that will determine your fate. Now it's time to show them just how confident, creative, energetic, enthusiastic, experienced, seasoned, qualified, knowledgeable, sharp, savvy, talented, pragmatic, idealistic, passionate, and decisive you really are!

Today's Lesson
INTERVIEW   インタビュー、面接


  • An interview (noun) is a formal conversation where someone is asked questions in order to see if they are qualified (for example, for a job) or in order to get certain information (for example, for a news story).

    To interview (verb) someone (for example, a job applicant) is to ask them questions in an interview. To interview WITH someone (for example, an employer) is to answer questions in an interview.
  • interview (名詞)とは、例えば、仕事などに適任かどうかを見極めるため、あるいは、ニュース記事などで確かな情報を得るために質問を行う、公式な会話、つまり、面接、インタビューのことです。

    動詞として使う場合には、2通りあり、interview +人は、「~(人)に質問する」という意味です。例えば、interview a job applicant なら、「(採用面接で)志望者に質問する」という意味になります。一方、interview with +人 は、「(インタビューで)人に答える」という意味です。例えば interview with an employer で、「雇用主の質問に答える」という意味になります。



  1. After screening applications, we'll be inviting qualified candidates in for interviews.
  2. Allen has a job interview this afternoon for a position at a public relations firm.
  3. I just read a fascinating interview with an executive at Berlitz International. Did you know that Berlitz has been teaching languages for over 130 years?
  4. (to someone in Human Resources)
    When do you start interviewing people for the job opening in Customer Service?
  5. My daughter is graduating in the spring, and she's been interviewing with investment banking firms on the East Coast. I always knew she'd do well in life!

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