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2010.03.29(Review of 2006.04.03 edition)

Welcome back! This is an exciting, hopeful time for corporate Japan. There's nothing like a group of fresh young faces in just-bought suits to bring new life to the workplace. But these eager young people weren't hired for their smiles or fashion sense. In fact, all this week, we'll be showing you how to talk about the qualities that really got them their jobs!

Today's Lesson


  • To be enthusiastic (adjective) is to have or show great excitement and interest in something.

    This quality is called enthusiasm (noun).
  • enthusiastic とは、何かにとても興奮したり、強い関心を寄せたりしている状態のことです。
    このような資質をさす名詞形は enthusiasm で、熱意、という意味です。



  1. To be successful, a business needs motivated, enthusiastic workers.
  2. The client was very enthusiastic about your presentation today. Well done!
  3. You don't seem very enthusiastic about moving to Seoul. Don't you want to go?
  4. I just love coming in to the office these days. Business is booming, and my staff is full of enthusiasm.
  5. She seems to have lost enthusiasm for her job lately.
  6. I shared my father's enthusiasm for the natural world and never wanted to be anything other than a biologist.

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