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2006.02.06(Review of 2005.08.24 edition)

Hello! It's a great pleasure to be here with you again!

For the next four days, we're going to be reaching for a dream! It may be that first job or a new and better one, a study abroad program, or an advanced degree. But if you want any of these, you'll need to let people know just how amazing you are. This week, we've got the key vocabulary to help you do that!

Today's Lesson
APPLY   出願する、申し込む


  • To apply for something (such as a job, a place in a university, etc.) is to ask for it formally, usually in writing.

    An application is a formal, usually written, request for something.

    An applicant is a person who is applying for something.
  • apply とは、(仕事や大学の入学許可など)正式な形で何かを求める、という意味で、通常は書面によって行われます。

    application は、通常書面によってなされる正式な申込み、出願のことです。

    applicant とは、何かに申し込んでいる人、つまり、出願者のことです。


  1. I saw an interesting teaching position in the newspaper classified ads. I think you should apply.
  2. (on a company Web site)
    If you are interested in this job opening, please apply to Berlitz Japan, Inc. at
  3. I've applied to the MBA program at the Berlitz College of Management. Tuition is about $20,000 a year, so I've also applied for financial aid.
  4. We've received over 90 applications for the job opening.
  5. Admission to the Berlitz School of Performing Arts is highly competitive due to the large number of qualified applicants.

英会話レッスンWe'll be back again tomorrow. No application necessary!