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2008.07.08(Review of 2003.11.26 edition)

If you look closely at today's @Work topic, you'll notice that it contains the word “execute”, which means “implement” or “accomplish”. Now, even if you don't know exactly what an executive does, it should be clear that we're talking about men and women of action!

Today's Lesson


  • An executive is a senior manager in a company who makes and implements important decisions; for example, a director, vice-president, or CEO.

    An executive assistant is a person whose job is to provide secretarial and administrative support to an executive.
  • executive とは、企業で重要な決定を行い、それを実施する上級管理職、例えば、取締役や部長、CEO(最高経営責任者)をさします。

    executive assistant は、重役を事務や管理面で補佐する人、つまり、重役補佐のことです。



  1. Membership in the country club is very exclusive. Most members are corporate executives with six-figure salaries.
  2. She started as an entry-level clerk, then quickly moved up through the ranks to become the firm's chief executive.
  3. During my first few days as an executive assistant, I've had to schedule over 30 meetings, make travel plans for a conference my boss is attending in Germany, and prepare a series of charts and graphs for his presentation.
  4. The retiring CEO's executive assistant was given a sinecure in order to keep him on the payroll.

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