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2010.04.01 (Review of 2006.04.06 edition)

Hello again!

Here's a quality that trumps all others. With enough of it, there's nowhere you can't go!

Today's Lesson
TALENTED   才能のある


  • To be talented (adjective) is to have a natural ability to do something well.

    Such ability is called talent (noun).

    Talent (noun) is also someone who has such ability.
  • talented とは、何かを上手に行う能力を生まれつき持っている、つまり、才能のある、という意味です。

    名詞形は talent で、才能、という意味です。

    talent は、才能のある人をさすこともあります。



  1. (classified ad for a job opening)
    We need a talented writer to contribute articles to retail industry publications.
  2. Our company is proud of its talented and productive workforce.
  3. Once again our human resources department has been able to recruit a group of extremely talented young people to fill our available positions.
  4. (discussing a young employee's possible promotion)
    She's got talent all right, but she needs more experience before she'll be ready to take on such a responsibility.
  5. Takeru has a great talent for languages.
  6. He spent the weekend at a job fair looking for some new talent for our IT department.

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