SCREEN (v.)の意味、ふるいにかける、選別する、審査する

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2008.07.31(Review of 2005.08.25 edition)

Sometimes success is all about getting over that first hurdle!

Today's Lesson
SCREEN (v.)   ふるいにかける、選別する、審査する


  • To screen job applicants (or their applications) is to separate the ones that are suitable and worth looking at more closely from the ones that are not.
  • screen とは、出願者やその出願書類を吟味して、より詳しく見るだけの価値がある人と、そうでない人を選別する、という意味です。



  1. We screened out applicants who had no prior relevant experience.
  2. Many of the most competitive universities screen applications by excluding those with entrance exam scores lower than 550.
  3. (instructions to organizations applying for funding)
    Only those organizations who pass the initial screening will be asked to submit full proposals.

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