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2009.04.06(Review of 2005.07.25 edition)

Welcome back!

We all work hard for our money these days, so don't forget to make sure that your money is working just as hard for you. This week, the WordMaster will be suggesting some ways you can put that hard-earned money to good use!

Today's Lesson
INVEST   投資する


  • To invest money is to give money to a business or to buy property in order to make a profit.

    An investment is money that has been invested. It is also the act of investing.
  • invest とは、利益を得るために事業に出資したり、資産を購入したりする、つまり、投資する、という意味です。

    investment とは、投資した資金のことです。また、投資行為を表すこともあります。



  1. I'm thinking about investing in real estate. What are commercial housing prices like these days?
  2. The book suggests that people invest at least 15% of their income each year for retirement.
  3. I have about $20,000 in savings now. What do you think would be a good investment?
  4. By creating an extremely favorable business climate, the country has succeeded in attracting a lot of foreign investment.

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