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2009.03.23(Review of 2006.04.10 edition)


Mondays are special for us at WordMaster, because the start of a new week - like the sunrise - is full of promise. So many themes to explore together, so many important expressions to introduce to the world's finest audience! This week's editions were motivated by this sense of promise. We hope you like the results!

Today's Lesson


  • Someone has experience or work experience if they have done a job for a period of time and have particular knowledge and skills as a result.

    We also say that such a person is experienced, especially when they have done a job for a long time.
  • experience あるいは work experience というと、ある一定期間何らかの仕事をしたことがあり、その結果として特定の知識や技能を持っている、つまり、経験を積んだ、という意味です。

    experienced とは、特に、ある仕事を長い間してきた人で、そのような特定の知識や技能を持っている人のことをさします。



  1. I'm sorry, but we're only hiring people with previous work experience.
  2. (during an interview for a job in marketing)
    a: Do you have any experience conducting intercept surveys?
    b: Actually, I was part of a team that designed an intercept survey questionnaire that was used at a major theme park.
  3. I worked as an intern to gain professional experience in graphic design.
  4. He's a skilled carpenter with 15 years' experience building sustainable housing.
  5. We need three experienced bartenders to make drinks at the annual general meeting.
  6. Do you know a good real estate agent who's experienced in overseas property sales?

英会話レッスンMuch success to you this week!