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2011.03.03(Review of 2008.01.31 edition)

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Today's Lesson
CREDENTIAL   信用証明物(書)、信任状、資格認定書


  • A credential is a document showing that someone has particular training, education, knowledge, or skills.

    Someone's credentials (plural) are the training, skills, etc., that qualify them to do a particular job, or one or more documents showing that someone has such qualifications.
  • credential とは、ある人が特定の訓練や教育を受けている、または、知識や技能を有していることを示す文書のことです。

    credentials と複数形で使った場合、ある仕事をするために必要な資格を得られるような訓練や技能、あるいは、誰かがそのような資格を有していることを示す書類、という意味になり、この場合は、書類が1種類でも、複数形を使います。



  1. Please submit a copy of your teaching credential along with your application.
  2. The doctor was asked to surrender (= give back) his credential to practice medicine in the state until a settlement is reached.
  3. Her credentials include a Ph.D. in consumer psychology and more than 20 years as a marketing consultant for small businesses.
  4. With his credentials, he could have any job he wants.
  5. Your credentials are excellent, but we don't have any openings at the moment. We'll keep your resume on file though.

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