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2010.05.14 (Review of 2007.06.21 edition)

Hello again!

Well, it's been a week filled with much conflict and legal wrangling. But it's time to put that all behind us and find some closure before the weekend begins. We hope you enjoy this little peace offering from the WordMaster!

Today's Lesson
SETTLEMENT   示談、解決、清算


  • To settle a lawsuit is to reach an agreement by negotiating out of court.

    To settle a disagreement is to end it.

    To settle a claim, bill, etc., is to pay it.

    A settlement is an agreement or payment of this kind.
  • 訴訟について settle と言うと、法廷外の話し合いによって、合意に達する、という意味になります。

    意見の不一致について settle と言うと、それを終わらせる、という意味になります。

    支払要求や勘定などについて settle と言うと、それらを支払う、という意味になります。

    settlement は、このような合意や支払いのことです。



  1. The newspaper has agreed to pay $1.5 million to settle the lawsuit.
  2. Although negotiators are meeting daily, there is little hope that the labor dispute can be settled before the fall.
  3. The woman in Human Resources says that it might take 6 months for the insurance company to settle my claim.
  4. I always try to settle my credit card account in full by the end of the month so that I don't have to pay the high interest.
  5. The couple reached a settlement in their divorce proceedings on Tuesday.
  6. After settlement of the bankrupt company's debts, few assets remained.

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