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2006.04.12(Review of 2004.09.02 edition)

Remember yesterday's @Work edition? Well, here's its close relative!

Today's Lesson


  • Your qualifications are the knowledge, skills, experience, and other characteristics that make you suitable for a particular job.
  • qualifications とは、ある仕事をするのにふさわしい知識、技能、経験、その他の特性のことです。


  1. (at a job interview)
    a: What are your qualifications?
    b: I've been head of Marketing and Communication for an insurance company for the past three years. I also have an MBA from the Berlitz School of Management.
  2. a: Why did they fire him?
    b: He lied about his qualifications on his job application.
  3. 20/20 vision - with or without glasses - is a necessary qualification for an airline pilot.
  4. Creativity, excellent communication skills, and a strong desire to help others are just some of the qualifications you need to succeed in this career.

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