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2006.04.24(Review of 2004.08.04 edition)

Welcome back! We're into the second week of our series on company organization. The departments we'll be looking at this week could be considered the public face of the organization. How well these departments do their job determines, in large part, what the public's image of the company and its products will be. Let's take a look!

Today's Lesson
MARKETING   マーケティング


  • One of the main functions of marketing is the business of trying to make people want to buy a product or service.
  • marketing の大きな役割の一つは、人々の購買意欲を高める仕事です。


  1. Our marketing efforts have been very successful. Sales have shot up and our market share is growing.
  2. I don't think we can run an effective marketing campaign on such a small budget.
  3. We don't need fancy marketing strategies. If we offer customers a quality product at a fair price, they'll buy it.
  4. This company's best marketing tool has always been word of mouth.
  5. My sister works in marketing for a regional airline.
  6. The marketing department has just completed a survey of 1500 college students to find out what kind of bicycle they would be most likely to buy in the future.

英会話レッスンGood luck this week!