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Can we talk?

Today's Lesson
CONSULT   助言・意見を求める、コンサルタントをする


  • To consult someone is to ASK them for information or advice, or to ask them for their opinion or permission before making a decision.

    To consult someone is also to GIVE them specialized advice professionally.

    A consultant is someone whose job is to give such specialized advice.
  • consult は、誰かに情報や助言を求めたり、決断をする前に誰かの意見や許可を求めたりする、という意味です。

    また、consult は、職業として、誰かに専門的な助言を与える、という意味もあります。

    consultant は、そのような専門的な助言を与える仕事をしている人、つまり、コンサルタントのことです。



  1. (looking at a contract)
    I think I'd better consult my lawyer before signing this. I don't understand half of what's written here.
  2. We've been consulting an accountant about the best way to finance the purchase (of a new facility).
  3. I'll have to consult with my manager before I can make a decision, so let me get back to you tomorrow.
  4. My doctor told me not to take any new medications without consulting him first.
  5. I've started consulting part-time to increase my income.
  6. (to a first-time entrepreneur)
    Paying for a business consultant's expertise may help you avoid making costly mistakes.

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