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2008.08.25(Review of 2006.06.27 edition)

A hearty welcome to you! Glad to have you back!

Do you remember back when people were predicting that the proliferation of personal computers would make paper unnecessary? Little did we realize that the computer age would have us using more paper than ever - by some estimates, more than 300 kilograms a year PER PERSON in North America! As it'll likely be quite a while before we truly have a “paperless” office, let's spend the next few days looking at paper at the workplace. Enjoy!

Today's Lesson
DOCUMENT   文書、書類


  • A document is a piece of writing that provides information, especially official information.

    It can also be a computer file, especially one that contains text.
  • document とは、何らかの情報を含む文書、特に公の情報が書かれた文書のことです。

    document には、特に、文章を含むコンピューター・ファイル、という意味もあります。



  1. Make sure to include all the necessary documents with your application, including your birth certificate, marriage license, and a copy of your passport.
  2. Please sign the enclosed documents and return with your payment.
  3. Confidential documents should be kept in a locked drawer when not being used.
  4. The first draft of the document was sent to all committee members for review and comment.
  5. You must have all your financial documents in order on the day of the audit.
  6. (an e-mail)
    Please review the attached document and confirm that the information is accurate.
  7. What (computer) application did you use to create the document?

英会話レッスンMuch success to you today!