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2009.08.07(Review of 2005.10.21 edition)

Well, it's taken us the whole week to make it to today's edition, but isn't that appropriate for a career that requires so much preparation?

(IMPORTANT!! The WordMaster will be giving his keyboard a rest next week for the Obon holiday. He'll return on Monday the 17th and hopes to see you then!)

Today's Lesson
PROFESSIONAL (n.)   専門家、プロ


  • A professional (noun) is someone with a job that requires a high level of education, such as a doctor or lawyer.

    A professional (noun) is also someone with special skills or training, who does work for pay and does it well.
  • 名詞の professional は、医師や弁護士など、高度な教育水準を必要とする職業に就いている人をさします。

    また、 professional には、特別な技能を持ち、特別な訓練を積んで、報酬をもらい、その仕事をうまくこなす人、つまり、プロという意味もあります。



  1. Many young professionals are attracted to the opportunities available in the world's capitals, like New York, Paris, Tokyo, and London.
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    These luxury condominiums are the perfect place for successful professionals like you to enjoy the good life they deserve.
  3. (warning on a medicine label)
    If you are pregnant or breast feeding, ask a health professional before taking this product.
  4. I run seminars for business professionals. Most of my clients are mid-career executives.
  5. WIFE: Were you able to fix the drier?
    HUSBAND: No. Actually, I think I've made things worse.
    WIFE: Maybe it's time to call a professional?

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