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Hello! How was your weekend? Although it has never been clear to us just how one should celebrate Marine Day, it's always nice to have another three-day weekend. We hope you enjoyed yours!

This week we spend some time with the men and women in the purchasing department who keep our offices stocked with the supplies and equipment we need to do our jobs!

Today's Lesson
REQUISITION   (正式な)要請、請求


  • A requisition is a formal request for supplies, help, or something else you need.
  • requisition とは、供給品、助力、その他必要なものを求める正式な要請のことです。



  1. I filled out a requisition for repairs a week ago, but I'm still waiting to hear back from the maintenance department.
  2. (an employee calling the accounting department)
    a: I'm just calling to find out if my requisition has been approved.
    b: You mean the requisition for travel expenses? Yes, it was just approved this morning.
  3. (job description)
    The production manager will also coordinate and manage the requisition of temporary staff.
  4. Whenever you need new office equipment or supplies, you have to submit a requisition form to Purchasing.

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