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2008.08.26(Review of 2006.06.28 edition)

If you thought fill-in-the-blank tests ended with school, think again!

Today's Lesson
FORM   (書き込み)用紙


  • A form is a printed or electronic document asking for information, with blank spaces where the information is to be written.
  • form とは、何らかの情報を書き込むための空欄のある印刷物、もしくは電子文書のことです。



  1. Please fill out the application form neatly and accurately.
  2. (instructions on a Web site)
    Complete the order form and click “Send.” Please allow two to four weeks for delivery.
  3. (customs officer at an airport)
    May I see your customs form, please?
  4. (hotel front desk clerk to guest)
    Welcome to the Berlitz Suites Hotel. If I could have you fill out this registration form and show me a credit card, please.

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