PART-TIME vs. TEMPORARYの意味、パートの vs. 臨時の

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2005.07.05(Review of 2004.01.14 edition)


Although working full-time on a permanent basis offers greater job security and opportunity for promotion, many people prefer the flexibility and relative freedom of other employment options! How about you?

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
パートの、アルバイトの vs. 臨時の


  • To work part-time is to work fewer hours than a full working day or week.

    A temporary worker is someone hired to work for only a short period of time. Temporary workers are often hired through special agencies which provide companies with short-term staff.
  • work part-time は、1日、あるいは週にフルタイムよりも少ない時間で働くという意味です。

    temporary worker は、ごく短い期間で雇われる人のことをいいます。会社に短期間スタッフを派遣する代理店を通して、雇われる場合が多いです。


  1. I'll be working part-time on weekends at a convenience store until I graduate from university.
  2. (interviewer to job applicant)
    We can only offer you a part-time position now. We might be able to hire you full-time in a year or two if everything goes well.
  3. When a company's business isn't going well, temporary workers are usually laid off before regular employees.
  4. Having a temporary position means I get to change jobs and companies frequently. I enjoy the variety.

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