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2010.06.09(Review of 2006.04.19 edition)

If you're wondering why everyone is so quiet in this office, it's because they're doing a job for which concentration and attention to detail are vital!

Today's Lesson


  • Accounting is the business or activity of keeping a person's or organization's financial records (= records of the money they make and spend, their assets and debts, etc.).

    An accountant is someone whose job is accounting.
  • accounting とは、個人や組織の財務記録(得たお金や使ったお金、資産や負債などの記録)をつける仕事、つまり、会計のことです。

    accountant は、会計を仕事とする人、つまり、会計士や会計係のことです。



  1. I studied accounting in college and got a job as a payroll manager right after graduation.
  2. Investors look very carefully at a company's quarterly accounting reports, especially the profit statements.
  3. The year-end close is always a hectic time for our accounting department.
  4. My taxes have gotten so complicated since I went into business for myself. Maybe it's time to hire a tax accountant to do them for me.

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