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2009.10.26(Review of 2007.05.28 edition)

Welcome back! Are you feeling brave? Well, you may need every ounce of courage you can muster this week because we'll be taking a close look at the stuff that business nightmares are made of.

We begin with a word that looks harmless enough ... until it appears in a negative sentence!

Today's Lesson
APPROVE   承認する


  • To approve (verb) a product, plan, request, etc., is to officially allow, accept, or agree to it.

    The noun form is approval.
  • approve (動詞)は、製品や計画、要請などを、公式に許可する、認める、または賛成する、という意味です。

    名詞形は、approval です。



  1. We're hoping the government will approve the new drug soon so that we can begin marketing it in the fall.
  2. The agency voted not to approve the chemical food coloring for use in this country.
  3. Has the finance department approved our budget for the workshop yet?
  4. Our plans for restructuring the company were unanimously approved by the Board.
  5. They applied for the loan over two weeks ago, but it's still pending approval.
  6. We won't be able to sign the contract without the approval of our legal department.
  7. They worked around the clock for two weeks before submitting that proposal for approval, but it was rejected anyway.

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