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2010.08.23(Review of 2007.10.16 edition)

Welcome back!

We'll be spending this week touring the industrial plants of manufacturing's biggest players. It takes bold leadership and relentless determination to grow a business to the point where it assumes a global presence. But it all starts with one of these, doesn't it?

Today's Lesson


  • A product is one of the goods or services that a business makes or provides.

    To produce something is to make it or grow it (for example, on a farm).

    Production is the act of producing something, or the amount of something produced by a company, country, etc.
  • product とは、企業が製造、提供する商品やサービス、つまり、製品のことです。

    produce とは、何かを作る、または(農場などで)育てる、つまり、製造する、生産する、という意味です。

    production は、何かを製造・生産すること、または企業や国などが製造・生産するものの総量のことです。



  1. (company manager)
    My team is responsible for new product development.
  2. They sell a wide range of home fitness products.
  3. If we can find a source of venture capital, we'd like to start a business that produces natural, non-toxic carpeting.
  4. Berlitz Petroleum produces about 50,000 barrels of oil a day at its Maximilian Oil Field in the North Sea.
  5. The production of aluminum is energy-intensive, which is why recycling is so important.
  6. (two executives)
    a: Have you looked at the latest production figures?
    b: I sure have. I was excited to see that production was up 8% over last quarter.

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