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2010.06.10 (Review of 2006.04.21 edition)

Need a new coffee machine for the office? The latest piece of business software? Some stationery? Well, then this is the department you need to contact!

Today's Lesson


  • Purchasing is the business or activity of buying the goods and services required by an organization.
  • purchasing とは、組織が必要とする商品やサービスを購入する仕事、つまり、購買のことです。



  1. All expenditures of 10,000 yen or more must be approved in advance by the purchasing department.
  2. Contact Purchasing and ask them about the status of our order for the new answering machine. It's been two weeks since we sent them the requisition (= a formal request).
  3. The keys to successful purchasing are knowing what products will best meet your company's needs and being able to negotiate the best price.

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