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2010.12.20(Review of 2007.07.06 edition)

Well, the holidays are finally upon us, and we hope business is booming where you are. By some estimates, holiday sales in the United States account for 40-50% of retailers' annual profits, and you can be certain that patisseries and upscale restaurants in Japan are looking forward to the tidal surge of customers on Christmas Eve. Yes, this is definitely a time of year for businesses to celebrate!

So in the spirit of the season, we'll be devoting this week to the gifts that every businessperson hopes to find beneath their tree. And who knows, maybe by week's end you'll be moved to visit a retailer near you and make their holidays even merrier!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉


  • Office equipment includes the tools, machines, furniture, and other items used in the office, especially durable goods.

    The expression office supplies most commonly refers to nondurable goods used in the office, such as paper, folders, paper clips, pens and markers, and ink cartridges for printers. But the expression can also be used to include office machines, furniture, and other office equipment.

    Be Careful! Equipment is uncountable, so we never say “office equipments” (with an “s” at the end). But there's always an “ies” at the end of the noun supplies, except when it comes before another noun (for example, “office supply store”).
  • office equipment は、会社で使用される用具や機械、家具など、特に耐久消費財を含みます。

    office supplies は、会社で使用される非耐久財、例えば、紙、ファイル、クリップ、ペンやマーカー、プリンタ用のインク・カートリッジなどをさすのが最も一般的です。しかし、この言葉は、事務用の機械、家具、その他の設備を含むものとして使うこともできます。

    注意: equipment は、数えられない名詞なので、(語尾に s をつけて) office equipments と言うことはありません。しかし、名詞 supplies は、他の名詞の前にくる場合(例えば office supply store など)を除いて、語尾には必ず ies がつきます。



  1. (owner of a failed business)
    The business that's taking over the lease has offered to buy most of our office equipment - everything but the cash register, fax machine, and that old file cabinet.
  2. They specialize in used and refurbished office equipment.
  3. By avoiding unnecessary printing and by re-using one-sided paper, we were able to cut our budget for office supplies by 10%.
  4. (owner of a small stationery shop)
    They're opening a new office supply superstore just three blocks from us. They might just put us out of business.

英会話レッスンWe'll keep you supplied with lots more business English this week, so don't forget to join us!