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2011.04.12 (Review of 2007.06.13 edition)

Survey results show that 99.997% of WordMaster readers found this edition extremely valuable when it first appeared in June 2007. The handful of folks who pooh-poohed this edition also insist that the world is flat, Amelia Earhart was abducted by aliens, and fireflies communicate in Morse code.

... just kidding.

Today's Lesson
STATISTICS   統計値、統計学


  • A statistic is a fact expressed as a number.

    The field of mathematics called statistics deals with how to collect quantitative data and understand its meaning.
  • statistic とは、数値として表された事実、つまり、統計値のことです。

    数学の一分野で statistics と呼ばれるものは、量的データの収集法や、集めたデータの解釈の仕方を研究する学問、つまり、統計学のことです。



  1. There's an appendix to the report that lists all kinds of statistics about the company: financial figures, number of clients and employees by country, number of vehicles in the fleet, workers' compensation payments, charitable contributions, and lots more.
  2. (discussing a fictional report on tourism in a Mexican state)
    One very surprising statistic was that 500,000 Australians - twice the number of North American tourists - visit the state each year.
  3. Gary will be reviewing the latest production and sales statistics for us at tomorrow's meeting.
  4. You can search through census records and other official government statistics at their excellent Web site.
  5. Statistics show that the average time on the market for a single-family home in that city has been increasing by about 5% a year.
  6. I took a few statistics classes in college, but I certainly don't know enough to design a study of this kind.

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