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Greetings! The workweek has begun once again, and Berlitz WordMaster@Work is open for business!

This week's theme can be summed up in three words: Money, Money, Money!

Today's Lesson
FINANCES   財政状態/金融


  • The finances of a person or organization are the money they have or the way they manage it.

    The adjective form is financial.
  • finances とは、個人や組織が保有しているお金や、それを工面する方法、つまり財政状態のことです。

    形容詞形は financial で、財政の、金融の、という意味です。



  1. His personal finances are a mess. I think he may be filing for bankruptcy soon.
  2. My daughter has always been very good at managing her own finances. She hopes to retire in her forties.
  3. The company's been experiencing some financial problems lately, with three consecutive quarters in the red.
  4. Do you know the name of a good financial advisor?
  5. Our home office is located in Nihonbashi, the heart of Tokyo's financial district.

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