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2010.06.11 (Review of 2006.04.25 edition)

Even if you make a world-class product, back it up with the best warranty in the industry, and provide top-notch after sales service to boot, none of that will make a difference to your bottom line unless your sales team can deliver the goods!

Today's Lesson
SALES   売り上げ


  • A company's sales is the total number or value of goods or services that it sells during a period of time.

    The sales department is the part of a company that deals with selling its products.
  • sales とは、ある期間に企業が販売した商品やサービスの総数や総額、つまり、売り上げのことです。

    sales department というと、製品の販売を担当する企業内の部署、つまり、営業部や販売部をさします。



  1. Although sales were down slightly in February, they were up by 15% in March. Overall, sales doubled in FY 2009 from the year before.
  2. Retail sales for the country rose 2.2 percent - the most since November 2007. New home sales, on the other hand, fell for the third month in a row.
  3. Could you get me the sales figures for the last three quarters? I'll be using them in my presentation.
  4. If you have any questions about prices or specifications, please feel free to contact our sales people.
  5. I used to work in the sales department, where I earned a decent salaryand got a fixed commission if I met my quarterly sales targets.

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