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2005.03.15(Review of 2003.10.22 edition)

A businessman needs a set of symbols to record all those transactions with. Well, once again, necessity was the mother of invention!

Today's Lesson
FIGURE (= number)   数字、額、桁


  • A figure is a number, especially from 0 to 9, or an amount represented in numbers.
  • figure は0から9までの数字のこと、または数字で表された量のことを言います。数字の桁のことも figure といいます。


  1. In 1990, they had stores in only 12 countries. By the year 2000, this figure had risen to 47.
  2. There were 137 cases of influenza reported there last year, but the real figure is probably much higher.
  3. I never thought I'd be earning a six-figure salary someday, but now I'm making $120,000 a year!
  4. (a college public relations officer)
    Our recent figures show that over 80% of our students find employment in their first year after graduation.
  5. a: How were last quarter's sales figures?
    b: Better than expected. Nearly 150% over the previous quarter's.

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