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2011.03.01(Review of 2008.01.29 edition)

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Today's Lesson
LICENSE   免許、許可する、使用を許諾する


  • A license (noun) is an official document that allows you to do something.

    To license (verb) a person or organization is to officially allow them to do something.

    To license (verb) a product, patented idea, brand, etc., is to allow another business to use or sell it.
  • 名詞の license とは、何かをすることを認める公的な文書、つまり、免許のことです。

    動詞の license は、個人や組織が何かをすることを公式に認める、という意味です。

    動詞の license は、製品や特許を取得した案、ブランドなどを、ほかの企業が使用したり、販売したりすることを認める、という意味で使うこともあります。



  1. (caller to employee at government office)
    How do I apply for a license to operate a child care center?
  2. (police officer to motorist)
    Can I see your driver's license, please?
  3. A restaurant risks losing its liquor license if it serves alcohol to a minor.
  4. We are one of only three companies licensed to distribute these ice cream products in Europe.
  5. Berlitz Mutual life insurance policies can only be purchased from licensed agents.
  6. The company's stock price soared on news that Berlitz Digital has agreed to license their innovative new software for use in the company's new line of handheld computers.

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