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2007.07.02(Review of 2003.10.27 edition)

Warm greetings to you!

This time we'll visit with the people who manufacture, distribute, and sell the products that businesses and consumers rely on. We think you'll find it a profitable week!

Today's Lesson
(product) LINE   (製品)種目


  • A line of products is a group of similar products (for example, refrigerators in various sizes and styles) sold by a particular company or business.

    This word is also used to mean ALL the products sold by a particular company or business.
  • line of products とは、ある会社や事業によって販売されている同じ種類の商品(例えば、冷蔵庫であれば、様々な大きさや形を扱っていても、総称としては「冷蔵庫」という製品種目のこと。)の総称、つまり、製品種目のことです。

    また、line of products は、ある会社や事業によって販売されているすべての商品をさすこともあります。

(product) LINE


  1. (advertising copy)
    Our new line of low-fat microwave dinners makes dieting a pleasure. Which one are you having tonight?
  2. (fictional advertisement)
    Berlitz Bitz, our best-selling line of bite-size snacks, are now available in 18-ounce Party Size bags - a great value!
  3. The company has decided to discontinue production and support of several of its older and less-profitable product lines.
  4. We manufacture a full line of custom auto interior products and accessories.
  5. (advertisement for a large hardware chain)
    Don't miss our giant 4th of July Sale, where you can get 20-50% off our entire product line.

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