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2006.07.31(Review of 2003.11.11 and 2003.11.12 edition)

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Today's Lesson
INSURANCE / INSURE   保険/保険をかける


  • Insurance is a form of financial protection from accidents and other bad things that can happen. You can get insurance by purchasing an insurance policy (a type of contract) from an insurance company.

    To insure someone or something is to buy insurance so that you do not have to pay all the costs if something happens to that person or thing.

    Medical insurance or health insurance is insurance that will pay for medicine, hospital stays, visits to the doctor, etc.

    Life insurance is insurance that will pay your spouse, child, or other person an amount of money if you die.
  • insurance は、事故やその他の不測の事態に、経済的に備えるためのもの、つまり、保険のことです。保険会社と契約を結ぶことによって、保険に入ることができます。

    insure とは、保険を購入することによって、人やものに何かが起こったときに、費用の全額を支払わなくてよいようにする、つまり、保険をかける、という意味です。

    medical insurance あるいは health insurance とは、薬代、入院費、通院費などを負担してくれる保険、つまり、医療保険、健康保険のことです。

    life insurance は、死亡した場合、残された配偶者や子ども、その他の人に保険金を払ってくれる保険、つまり、生命保険のことです。


  1. Do you have to pay extra for insurance when you rent a car?
  2. (two drivers after a traffic accident)
    a: I'm so sorry. It's all my fault. Oh, look at your car!
    b: Don't worry about it. I'm fine, and your insurance will pay for the damage to my car.
    a: But ... but I don't have insurance.
    b: What!! You shouldn't be driving if you're not insured!
  3. The museum insured the priceless painting for $5 million.
  4. By law, all businesses must insure against claims from employees for accidents that occur on the job. It's also a good idea to insure against theft, fire, and equipment failure.
  5. The job comes with a great benefits package, including an excellent medical insurance policy.
  6. Without adequate life insurance, your family may not be able to maintain the standard of living they're used to after you die.

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