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2010.08.31 (Review of 2006.05.17 edition)

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Today's Lesson


  • To innovate is to think of or use new ideas, new products, or new ways of doing something.

    The noun form of this word is innovation.

    A person or group that innovates is innovative.
    A product, process, etc., is innovative if it uses new ideas.
  • innovate とは、新しい考えや製品、方法を考え出したり用いること、つまり、革新する、という意味です。

    名詞形は innovation で、革新、という意味です。

    人や集団について innovative と言うと、革新を行う人や集団をさします。
    製品や製法などについて innovative と言うと、新しいアイデアを用いている、という意味になります。



  1. With the competition spending millions of dollars on new product development, there's intense pressure to innovate.
  2. It's often said that technical innovation is the key to future economic growth.
  3. We're looking for an innovative thinker with excellent design and creative abilities to head a team of graphic artists.
  4. They've introduced a string of innovative new products and have dramatically increased their overall market share.

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