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2009.04.07(Review of 2005.07.27 edition)

If you're fond of roller coaster rides, here's the father of them all!

Today's Lesson
STOCK   株式、株


  • Stock is a share in a company (= a part of the ownership of a company) that you buy as an investment.
  • stock とは、投資として購入する、企業における分け前(企業の所有権の一部)、つまり、株式のことです。



  1. I bought 200 shares of the company's stock at 5,500 yen per share.
  2. (news report)
    Stock prices rose yesterday in heavy trading (= many shares of stock were bought and sold).
  3. (news report)
    Stock prices fell yesterday in light trading.
  4. With prices so low, this is a great time to invest in the stock market.
  5. I have half of my retirement savings in stocks and the other half in bonds and certificates of deposit.

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