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2010.09.03(Review of 2005.03.02 edition)

After seemingly endless brainstorming to come up with a truly innovative idea, years of tedious research and development, and countless prototypes, the prize has finally been won!

Today's Lesson
PATENT   特許、特許を取る


  • A patent (noun) is a government license that gives a person or organization the exclusive right to make, use, or sell an invention for a particular period of time.

    To patent (verb) an invention is to get a patent for it.
  • 名詞の patent は、個人や組織に対し、発明品の製造、使用または販売を、一定の期間独占する権利を与える政府の認可、つまり、特許のことです。

    動詞の patent は、発明品の特許を取得する、という意味です。



  1. The company has just taken out a patent on a prototype for a voice recognition system they've developed that's reliable enough to be used for on-road operation of automobiles.
  2. How long after application does it take to be granted a patent?
  3. That's a terrific invention! You should patent it.
  4. Our unique, patented processing method ensures you vitamins of the purest grade available.

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