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2005.02.28 (Review of 2004.11.08 edition)

Hello!! “What's in a name?” goes the age-old question. Well, the answer in the business world is “money”, and lots of it if the name is Sony, Gucci, or Ichiro. Stay with us this week, and on Friday ask yourself what YOU think a good nam'se worth!

Today's Lesson
BRAND   ブランド


  • A brand is a type of product made by a particular company, which can be identified by its trademark, symbol, etc.

    Brand is also used to mean the name (usually a trademark) of a product or of the company that makes it.
  • brand とは、ある特定の会社で作られた商品で、トレードマークやシンボルを一目見ればわかるものです。

    brand は、ある特定の商品の名前や、その商品を製造している会社の名前(多くの場合はその会社のトレードマーク)を示す意味で使われることもあります。


  1. On our budget, I can only afford the cheapest brands.
  2. When a customer continues to buy the same brand year after year, it's called “brand loyalty”.
  3. Brand awareness” is a measure of how familiar consumers are with a particular brand name.
  4. Not only is Kool-Cola one of the world's most well-established brands, but in 2004 it was also ranked as the world's most valuable brand by a major business magazine.

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