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How many ways are there to say hello? Plenty perhaps, but after having written several thousand greetings already, the WordMaster sure wishes there were more. So today we're just going to make things simple and easy:


Today's Lesson
KEY (PLAYER)   重要(人物)、キー(プレーヤー)


  • A key (adjective) person, point, word, etc., is a very important one.

    A player is a person or organization that has (plays) an important role in an activity.
  • key(形容詞)は、人物、要点、言葉などがとても重要な、という意味です。

    player は、ある活動において重要な役割を持つ(果たす)人や組織のことです。



  1. Their outstanding employee training program has been a key factor in their success.
  2. Speculators played a key role in creating the housing bubble.
  3. (speaker at a conference)
    This slide summarizes the key points of my talk.
  4. A key question for any business that's just getting started is whether to buy or lease.
  5. Berlitz Cellular has been a major player in the mobile communications industry for 15 years.
  6. William Smith is a key player in alternative energy research.

英会話レッスンGoodbye! (See? Simple and easy.)