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The difference between today's sector pair can be summed up with a simple three-word question: Factory or farm?


  • Industry (uncountable noun) is the business or activity of manufacturing goods in factories.

    The adjective form is industrial.

    Agriculture is the business or activity of farming, including growing plants and raising animals for food.

    The adjective form is agricultural.
  • industry を、数えられない名詞として使った場合、工場で商品を製造する事業や活動、つまり、工業のことをさします。

    形容詞形は industrial で、工業の、という意味です。

    agriculture とは、食料にするために、植物を栽培したり動物を飼育する事業や活動、つまり、農業のことです。

    形容詞形は agricultural で、農業の、という意味です。



  1. The country has had to pay a heavy price for its reliance on heavy industry. Air and water pollution levels are some of the highest in the world.
  2. I was brought up in a blue-collar family in a mid-sized industrial town.
  3. The new government regulations should help improve energy efficiency in the industrial sector.
  4. Industrial development has been slow, and agriculture is still the region's main industry. Farms, not factories, dominate the landscape.
  5. The country's chief agricultural exports are wheat and soybeans.
  6. Their struggling agricultural sector has become increasingly reliant on government farm subsidies.

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