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And what's a leader without this?

Today's Lesson


  • Leadership is the ability to lead others. It is also the activity of leading others.
  • leadership とは、他の人を指導する能力のことです。他の人を指導、指揮する行為をさすこともあります。


  1. My daughter's high school just started offering classes in leadership. They teach things like communication, managerial skills, and ethics.
  2. Leadership is all about motivating people to achieve goals as a team.
  3. a: What do you think is the most important leadership skill?
    b: Strategic planning ... or the ability to communicate clearly ... or maybe, er ... decisiveness?
  4. Under the mayor's strong leadership, crime in the city has dropped 40%.
  5. Without Dana's leadership, this organization would never have reached its present level of success and influence.

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