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2008.04.07(Review of 2004.05.10 edition)

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Today's Lesson
(BUSINESS/WEB) PRESENCE   企業の存在感/ウェブサイト


  • If a company has a presence or business presence in a geographical area or business sector or market, it does business there.

    A company's Web presence is its Web site and the access to company information, products, and services the Web site provides.
  • presence または、business presence とは、その企業に関わる地域、業界および市場における存在のことです。

    Web presence とは、企業のウェブサイトや、そこで提供される企業情報、製品、サービスなどをさします。



  1. Now that the company has firmly established a business presence in Europe, there are plans in the pipeline to begin expanding our presence into Asia.
  2. With a rapidly growing international presence in information services, the telecommunications company has become a favorite among investors.
  3. They've recently enhanced their Web presence, making their entire line of products available online via an extremely user-friendly interface.

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