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The topics this week will be coming in contrasting pairs. Take today's topics, for example: The first is a part of the economy that's populated by companies that make a product, the second by companies that DO something for their customers instead!


  • To manufacture a product is to make it for sale, especially in large numbers using machines.

    The noun form is manufacturing.

    A company in the service industry or service sector does something useful for customers, but doesn't manufacture goods; for example, airlines, hospitals, accounting firms, and retailers.
  • manufacture とは、販売目的で、特に機械を用いて大量に製品を作ること、つまり、製造する、という意味です。

    名詞形は manufacturing で、製造という意味です。

    会社について service industry や service sector と言うと、商品は製造しないが顧客のために有益なことをする会社(例えば、航空会社、病院、会計事務所、小売業)が属する産業や部門、つまり、サービス産業、サービス部門のことを言います。



  1. We manufacture high-end stationery and office supplies.
  2. Much of Japan's post-war economic growth was driven by automobile and electronics manufacturing.
  3. (fictional news story)
    Economic activity in the housing and manufacturing sectors continues to grow, as consumer confidence remains at record high levels.
  4. Over the years, manufacturing has decreased in importance, and the service sector has come to dominate their economy.
  5. The level of professionalism among employees in the service industry in Japan was so much higher than I was used to back home.

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