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It takes a little more than water and sunlight, but, yes, you can grow a business!

Today's Lesson
GROW (a business)   (事業を)成長させる


  • To grow a business, market, economy, etc., is to cause it to develop or increase in size.
  • 事業、市場、経済などについて grow を使う場合、それらを発展させたり、拡大させたりする、という意味です。

GROW (a business)


  1. The recession has made it difficult for us to grow our business at the pace we had hoped.
  2. They have ambitious plans to grow the company's revenue by 50% in the next three years.
  3. (political candidate)
    The surest way to grow the economy is with tax cuts. If people have more money to spend, both consumers and businesses will benefit.

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