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2011.07.08  (Review of 2007.5.23 edition)

Today's edition is a WordMaster salute to the visionary men and women whose feats of engineering, organization, and planning allow us to enjoy lives of comfort and security!

Today's Lesson


  • Infrastructure is the basic system of facilities, services, and other physical and organizational structures necessary for a community or organization to function.
  • infrastructure とは、地域社会や組織が機能するために必要な施設、サービス、その他の物理的、組織的な構造などの基本システムのことです。



  1. The region has used most of its foreign aid to improve its transportation infrastructure, especially to renovate the rail network.
  2. The hurricane devastated the city's physical infrastructure, including thousands of buildings, the transportation and communication network, electric power, and water.
  3. The area's overall business climate is very strong, and its social infrastructure (= for example, education, health care, and police and fire protection services) is first-rate.
  4. A hospital has to be willing to invest in an efficient administrative infrastructure to support the work of its medical staff.
  5. Environmental NGOs have lobbied hard against dams, regional highways, and other large-scale infrastructure-development projects.

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