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2006.03.20(Review of 2004.02.03 edition)

Greetings! Success in business is all about quality - or at least it should be, right? So this week we're introducing three expressions of the finest quality to help you succeed!

Today's Lesson


  • If something is first-rate, it is excellent or of the best quality.

    If something is second-rate, it isn't very good or its quality is poor.
  • first-rate とは、非常にすぐれている、最高の質である、という意味です。

    second-rate とは、あまり質が良くない、品質が悪い、という意味です。


  1. If the guide gave it five stars, you can be sure the hotel is first-rate.
  2. a: The sushi in this restaurant is first-rate.
    b: It must be. Look at the line of people waiting to get in!
  3. All of my children will get a first-rate education. They'll go to the best schools money can buy.
  4. They have a first-rate consulting team that I can recommend highly.
  5. How can you possibly hope to be successful when your staff is only second-rate?
  6. This book has a lot of interesting ideas. It's too bad the writing is second-rate.
  7. I can't believe we paid 5000 yen to listen to a second-rate band! Come on, let's leave.

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